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President Desk

As the President of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia, I would like to first express my sincere gratefulness to our fellow members who entrusted me with the office of Party President for this term. Gerakan started out as a political movement back in the 60s when the people demanded justice, fairness and moderation from the government of that time.


Our movement eventually turned into success when we officially formed a political party in 1968 and managed to wrestle several seats including forming the state government of Penang on our own. This achievement was not possible without the support and participation of all Malaysians as it can only be achieved through unity, cooperation, and sacrifice.


Despite trying our very best to contribute to Malaysia and Malaysians as a whole, the wind of change swept through the entire country on the fateful day of May 9, 2018. Although we suffered a massive setback, Gerakan respects and accepts the decision by Malaysian voters.


This is also another opportunity for the party to start anew in the New Malaysia as a ‘New Gerakan’. Our Party Constitution will once again be the backbone of our cause and struggle which has never wavered, we envision the emergence of a New Malaysia that has a place for every Malaysian.


Old approaches and mentalities will and must be discarded in favour of new ways in line with the New Gerakan. Of course, there are many challenges lying and waiting ahead of us but what I can guarantee is that the Gerakan spirit of ‘Satu Hati’ will never waver and we will never give up on our cause.


The party is eager to invite like-minded individuals and or organizations to join us in our struggle for a better Malaysia. Gerakan as an independent party is able to chart its own course independently. I hope more Malaysians would unite under the Gerakan flag to build a country not only for ourselves but for our children and grandchildren.


A strong Gerakan will ensure the interest of all Malaysians will be taken care of and protected.


Satu Hati ! 


National President 

Datuk Dr Dominic Lau Hoe Chai




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