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About Politics

Political struggle is a long-term process.

We are in politics not because we want money, position, status or prestige but because we believe in our ideology and want to serve the people. To do so effectively, we of course need an organizational vehicle in the form of a political party.A political party, in turn should be a grouping of ideologically like-minded people who can work together as a team and slog to attain the political ideals they have set out to achieve.

In struggle, there will be ups and downs but come what may, we should never waver or compromise or our commonly agreed principles. We must always stand firm and have unshakeable faith in our ideals. We must bring together wisdom and collective effort and subscribe to the principle of collective leadership with collective responsibility. Only then will a struggle succeed in the long-run.

Some quarters seem to think that the success of failure of our struggle hinges on electoral performance in one term. This is not a correct view. The success of our struggle hinges on our commitment to win over the hearts and minds of all Malaysians to our cause and or readiness to work together at all times.

There is no short-cut.

There is only one way and this is the long, strenuous and sometimes turbulent path of struggle along which we shall encounter many obstacles, and even hazards. This is the road for the committed, not the waverers; for the strong-willed, not the weak-hearted; for the principled, not the opportunities. I am confident that most of us present to-day are ready for and already on this path of struggle that will, no doubt, be long and arduous but meaningful.

That is why we are in politics. That is why we are in Gerakan.




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