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Get involved

It is easy and it feels really good to criticise or blame the government or foreigners when misfortune befalls Malaysia. Isn't it more important to focus on minimising the effects, overcoming challenges and acting fast to make things better as soon as possible?

Everybody's thoughts and actions count. Some people are good in thinking up innovative solutions and creating opportunities. Some people have the resources and means to implement such solutions. Others can inspire a community to positive action. Even then, leaders need the support of others to make things happen; for who can be a great general without soldiers?

You may be the person with the insight. Or you may be the person with the means and the resources. Perhaps you are a born leader or a "doer", someone who can get things done smartly and fast.

Whichever the case may be, you must be realistic. Alone, you cannot make things better for 22 million Malaysian. You need to share your ideas, resources and efforts.

You need to join an organisation comprising people who have the same objective in mind as you; the objective of building a better Malaysia. Such an organisation is called a political party.




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