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Is politics important?

Politics is not a dirty word; it refers to the "science or art of government." A political affair is an affair of the state of country. Malaysia practices the politics of democracy, a system of government whereby the power is in the hands of the people. This power is usually exercised by the people through their elected representatives - the politicians.

Politicians are elected to govern the country for the benefit of the people. He or she will perform the task guided by what their party stands for. What each political party stands for is determined by its members - normal people, like you, who care about the future.

Why Gerakan?

Gerakan has been championing the cause of non-racial politics for 30 years. As a partner in Barisan Nasional, the coalition of parties governing Malaysia, it continues to work from within the government to effect reform and to achieve its objectives.

The objectives of Gerakan are what you believe in. We believe in shaping a truly Malaysian community; in freedom of speech and open sharing of ideas for progress; in women's rights and youth development; in speaking up for the voiceless; in helping the needy; and in environmental conservation and sustainable development for the nation.




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